WCCMM 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The first world congress on cardio-metabolic medicine scheduled to be held at Mumbai on 27th -28th April 2019, is the very first congress of its type and also being held in one of India's largest metropolitan city, large contingent of national and international faculty and a large audience are expected to participate in this unique world congress.

The conference on this new sub-specialty of medicine promises to be a unique academic extravaganza and will cover current and futuristic approaches in prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic diseases. Panel discussions, debates, interactive sessions, quiz and hot topics in various fields are scintillating attractions of the conference.

The scientific deliberations at this congress will have major practical value in translating the cutting edge advances into day-to-day clinical practice. Ultimately, the communities will benefit as a result of this unique dedicated conference to serious non-communicable diseases.

I am sure the delegates will enjoy the flashes of expertise during their discourse. On behalf of scientific committee, I have great pleasure in inviting you to actively participate in this conference.

Dr. C Venkata S Ram


Dr. P C Manoria

Executive President

Dr. Pankaj Manoria

Secretary General

Dr. Prakash Deedwania

International Chair

Dr. Navin C Nanda

International Chair

Dr. G Mancia

International Chair